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13 court doctors decide disciplinary action against quarantine doctors

QUETTA (Arrowpoint newspaper, latest March 16, 2020) – A decision has been taken against 13 doctors fleeing from Balochistan. According to the details, the provincial health department Balochistan has decided to take action against 13 doctors who fled to the Quarantine Center for suspected Corona virus patients. Doctors were assigned to the quarantine center in various hospitals a week ago, but 13 doctors did not take charge.

Now, Sindh department has decided to take disciplinary action against doctors. On the other hand, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan visited Fatima Jinnah Chest and General Hospital and inspected the Isolation Ward, ICU and Public Health Laboratory. Briefing and stating that in the isolation ward, the condition of the child treated by the virus is better than ever and the affected child is being cared for.

MS Hospital informed that all necessary facilities, including 5 ventilators, were available in the Isolation ward. I have modern facilities for the Corona and Congo virus and other infectious disease tests. And steps will be taken to increase medical care.
94 krona virus patients have been exposed so far in Pakistan that the government has taken protective measures.

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