Corbyn: Extending Article 50 is 'now inevitable' – BBC News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says MPs have ruled-out both a no-deal Brexit and the prime minister’s deal.

He says extending Article 50 is now inevitable.

“Let us find a solution to deal with the crisis facing this country and the deep concerns it faces,” he says.

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  1. Brian Nicholls says

    Please can one EU member country block an extension to article 50 and give what the people voted for 'No-Deal'

  2. 40RTY 7EVEN says

    Hooray .
    Delay Artcle 50.
    Then hopefully Brexit will be scrapped.

  3. Mr Anonymous says

    Parliament has just hammered the last nail in it's coffin.
    This is despicable conduct, an openly treasonous act which is part of their plan to destroy our nation. Westminster is complicit in it's attempt to destroy our sovereignty, national security and prosperity for all time.
    This is a grievous mistake on their part. A mistake which will end in open revolt throughout our nation. They will try to stop it. They will fail.

  4. Brian Nicholls says

    Steptoe talking out of his arse again

  5. Ethoic says

    Public vote

  6. o Ravenn says

    Corbyn took off his glasses, that’s when you can tell he means buisiness

  7. Hugh Jaynus says

    Tbh a second referendum would end this bullshit bcuz literally everyone’s will vote remain it’s the safe option

  8. Bitch Please says

    I am Enjoying this….!

  9. shaun muppet finder says

    MPs haven't killed democracy , they have murdered it in cold blood.

  10. Darth Vaders Grandad says

    They should now bring the meaningful vote in again to see if they MPs that were missing from todays vote, would like to vote on no deal again

    This does not stop no deal happening. It’s an expression of intent by MPs.

    No Deal is still the legal default position come the 29th of March if no deal is agreed..

    So Suck it up remoaners 👌🏼

  11. ZENOIST2 says

    The EU has already stated it will not change its position.
    An extension is just a waste of time.

  12. chf gbp says

    Corbyn is clueless and has nothing to offer this country.

  13. 4TheRecord says

    Corbyn is clueless, the people voted to leave and the House of Parliament voted on Article 50. That's that we leave wihtout a deal if no good deal can be reached. That should be respected instead of this guy looking for any way to delay Brexit.

  14. Sophs lehane says

    I don't even want Brexit anyway 😂. Why am I watching this? Except no deal would be far worse

  15. Indigo RAINBOW says

    Really may? Don't want to take responsibility for what you said?
    Why has she not been kicked out?
    Does anyone actually like her?


    And there you have it. . . . Betrayal and lies. Democracy officially dead in the UK.

  17. Balayax TV says

    within 60 years, from universal empire to a devistated island!!

  18. Peter Chaloner says

    Extend Article 50 for 499 years.

  19. peter dollins says

    The Foul Tories and their Elite paymasters are mainly responsible butLLabour has argued with supporters emailing me angry that a ‘third’ Referendum—first 1975 not advisory or corrupted as 2016 was—will split the UK. To Quit with no clean binding Third Referendum will split this country a hundred times harder with grim consequences, milder or stronger, taking the UK down to a state resembling civil war break the UK apart, Ireland, Scotland will go so why ever will Wales stay? Finish the UK finish Labour earlier or later as the young will get so angry with JC’S gaslighting betrayal. If Labour will be honest to spell out the costs, already, and far greater costs to come: above all how invalid the 2016 Referendum is. When TV or Radio Journalist say ‘so you are defying the majority will’ they say ‘it was not a majority when 3 million to 5 million’—please figures?—‘were not allowed to vote then dirty money coupled in Trump’s manipulations of Farage, Boris, Rees Mogg, Boris, Liam, Putin’s manipulations with Facebook and his blood money to make the UK slaves to him as Trump tries to make the UK part of a fascist inclined Empire. Then the hundreds of lies: how many did not vote for the present “No Deal May’s Deal Any Deal” Quit? JC’S deal is unworkable—see Switzerland negotiating patiently with experts we do not have for 50 or more years, yet still in trouble? Its deals might be torn up, all, by the EU. Norway in a similar case. To make us a Rule Taker not a Rule Maker? Until every Labour spokesperson and MP does this I know JC is stuffed in anti-EU prejudices plus his Leninist Lies. (See Chomsky on Lenin at ‘You Tube’.

  20. Tom Swift says

    What’s “Norway plus”?…

  21. Biking with Éric Thériault says

    Time to Remodel the UK this summer 🐝🐝🐝 same as in Paris 👷‍♂️

  22. Nigel Johnson says

    He is wrong, the EU is likely to veto any extension.

  23. ThePersianTenor says

    get rid of brexit all together. New referendum

  24. not notness says

    Hold an election.

  25. Bob Free says

    You Cannot believe what Jeremy Corbyn says. He would do anything to get into power. The last Labour party nearly destroyed us. this lot will finish us off. It is about time the people went to the streets to get rid of all these parasites that run this country.

  26. knucklesamidge says

    Let's just stay

  27. Terry Dickinson says

    Article 50 is not inevitable, asking for an extension may be inevitable getting 1 is not. The man is a complete dullard.

  28. Principled Uncertainty says

    Corbyn never misses an opportunity to betray the British people. At least he's consistent.

  29. Cameron Ash says

    Can Jeremy Corbyn disappear in the night and never be seen again.

  30. Jens Raab says

    "An extension of Article 50 is now inevitable." Uh, no.
    All you can do is ask the other 27 EU member states for extension. If only a single one of them is unwilling to continue with this charade you'll be out in 2½ weeks – unless you revoke Article 50.
    You better come up with a very good reason for the EU to extend the deadline.

  31. Stephen T says

    I hope the sentiment is clear that if they revoke article 50, significant problems will hit this country. I love my country and would fight tooth and nail for it, if the spineless and treaturous people in our HoC remove what the people voted for we will be looking at the biggest, modern revolution the west has seen in over a century, I have serious concerns of this but I feel that it is necessary given the treason within.

  32. Königstiger says

    Ah yes labor is going to solve the problem 😂
    Sit down old man

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