Thanaka: Myanmar's ancient beauty secret – BBC News

For thousands of years, people in Myanmar have been using thanaka to protect and care for their skin. But this ancient beauty habit is changing as the country opens up and modern make-up has become more available.

Video by Tessa Wong, Saw Closay, and Nick Beake

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Video Published on 2019-03-14 11:06:03

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  1. Ken Siefert says

    Great job, glad to see they don’t use aborted babies for cosmetics like the “civilized” world

  2. Eugenio Jr. Blanque says


  3. Eugenio Jr. Blanque says

    HELLO BBC!!!!!!!!

  4. morocco guides for you says

    hey you welcome morocco

  5. JogBird says

    so its really just skin whitening?

  6. Rubber Dub says

    BBC government deceptors of the people …

  7. The First 38 says

    I love the West 🙁

  8. DANNYBOY73 says

    White face..


  9. Sad Tv. com says

    খালি খবর শুনলে হবে নামাজ পড়া লাগবে

  10. Nightmare says

    Watchv Lord Pearson expose the BBC's bias on Brexit… (first half of the video)

  11. Mihir Patel says

    I am glad this is not a fairness cream. That shit is racism created by dirty whites.

  12. sam zen says

    So I guess that Genocide ended lol.

  13. Khan Qaisrani Balouch says

    Myanmar govt and it's army is cruel who killed innocent unarmed Muslims

  14. いやだ、どんだけ〜 says

    Thanks bbc for teaching me how beautiful women in Myanmar are.

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