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Although widely distributed in northern and central South America, bald-legged spiders have never been confirmed in Colombia until recent studies in Colombia until recently by Dr. Carlos Pelavan and Fernando Perez. – Research conducted by Myers (University of the Republic of Uruguay) and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Their research paper is published in the Open Access Journal ZooKeys which describes six previously unknown species living in the country.

The four little spiders can't adapt to any existing genus, so scientists must create a brand new spider for them. They call it Stormtropis The cloned soldiers who reference the Star Wars are called the stormtroopers. army.

The bare spider is considered to be the most mysterious of the plaque-like population. It is a family of only 11 very similar, small and medium-sized species whose position in the tree of life has long been a question of debate. . In fact, it is because of their almost identical appearance and camouflage capabilities that they are the reason why the new bald spiders compare to the fictional clones.

One of the most striking features of the bald-legged spider (family Paratropididae) is their ability to adhere soil particles to the stratum corneum, which allows them to be masked by the environment.

"The stormtroopers are soldiers of the main ground forces of the Galactic Empire. These soldiers are very similar to each other and have a certain camouflage ability, but have unskilled movements, just like this new set of spiders," the researchers explained. .

"We want to use the name of the known genus, Paratropis. Of course, we also want to respect the greatest legends of all time," they added.

One of the new 'stormtrooper' species ( Stormtropis muisca ) is also the highest elevation record for the family. According to records, the central part of the Andes is at least 3,400 meters above sea level. However, the authors point out that they have evidence that the species live above 4,000 meters. These results will be published in future papers.

During the field trip, the researchers also confirmed the previous hypothesis that bare spiders are well suited to cross the ground. People see spiders sticking soil particles to the backs of their scales as a means of pretending to predators. More interestingly, however, the team recorded several bald-legged species that burrowed along ravines or soil – this behavior was not reported until then. Their advice is that it may be secondary to adaptation, so spiders can take advantage of other habitats.

All in all, not only do bald spiders appear in Colombia, but they also appear to be quite rich there. After the study, it is currently known that there are three genera in the country ( Anisaspis Paratropis and Stormtropis ).

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