Theresa May: 'Legal default remains no-deal' – BBC News

Theresa May says MPs have provided a clear majority against leaving without a deal.

The legal default in EU law remains that the UK will leave without a deal unless something else is agreed, she says, noting the responsibility on everyone in the House is now to work out what that is.

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  1. Sal Shuraim says

    This hoe needs to stfu ASAP and get her pussi plugged

  2. jubayer6pm says


  3. GET her out she's incompetent brixit is never going to happen

  4. L W says

    The government has lost control of the house.

  5. Stephen Murphy says

    Guys, we don’t mean to rush you but you’re running out of time! 😬

  6. TheLewisLegend says

    The war isn't over yet

  7. Joe B14 says


  8. Nikolia Da Vinci says


  9. TheLewisLegend says

    A room All bought and paid for by the corporations and banks and CBI for cheap migrant labour

  10. Hannah _lolz_ says

    This is an absolute joke 😂😂

  11. Mister Furious - Brexiteer says



    None of these votes are legally binding. Leaving on March the 29th is the legal default and was given Royal Ascent by the Queen. Parliament traitors will now try and extend Article 50, subject to all EU 27 states approval. Salvini's Italy will likely veto an extension.

  13. Yilian xoxo says

    But the parliament is so undemocratic….we voted in favour of brexit, and obviously the parliament is not respecting that and are trying to stop it at any cost. Smh at these politicians, respect the will of the people please

  14. mahde mahde says

    This is the end of UK

  15. Mr Anonymous says

    Despicable and treasonous.
    This is a direct assault upon our democracy and the referendum result.
    There will be a national revolt unless something is done to remove these traitors. It is all that matters at this point. They must go.

  16. Mister Furious - Brexiteer says

    Dirty scum

  17. Sinn Exit says

    The House of Fools

  18. Galaxie Invader says

    As suspected, they are ALL self serving traitors

  19. Nicholas Ennos says

    The BBC is controlled by the globalist elite

  20. Get your yellow vest out I predict a Riot

  21. syngon smythe says

    So the brits don't want to be in the EU, but doesn't want a soft Brexit and don't want a hard Brexit either. So what the hell do the brits want? I have a feeling even they don't know the answer to this question.

  22. Bob Buger says

    Remember folks, this coming May is the local elections remember to vote out these remainer MP's for going against democracy.

    Vote for the new brexit party instead

  23. Kieran Jones says

    Referendums are not legally binding, so legally the Government can ignore the results; for example, even if the result of a pre-legislative referendumwere a majority of "No" for a proposed law, Parliament could pass it anyway, because parliament is sovereign.

  24. Pab lina says


  25. Alan Au says

    I am so sorry to see that British politics has gotten so far out of hand. The present situation has become a great instability turmoil that no average Brit deserves.

  26. Miele Rodriguez says

    These MPs are the worst. The vilest of the vile. WTO rules OK.

  27. Mihir Patel says

    Eyes have it. Ordetrrrrrrr,

  28. Mashuk Chowdhury says

    Democracy is shit

  29. Matt Latham says

    Couldn't get a deal in 3 years. Not gonna happen in 16 days.

  30. Pranav M says

    This is nonsense.What does this mean?? Does the UK leave the EU or are they too scared to move past this milestone??? This seems like treachery for the average Brit who voted to opt out of the EU.

  31. roger ashar says

    No to a good time to have a sore throat…

  32. Plain English says


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