Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories

Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories
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Welcome back everyone – I think good teachers should be praised and rewarded – and there are many of them out there. Sometimes though, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Lets take a look at some real stories about terrible teachers. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories …

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  1. shadow 188 says


  2. Stephanie Grajales says

    Top 10 New Jersey Urban Legends

  3. Zaza’s Videos says

    #10 because I had the same problem with my teacher

  4. Brady Twells says

    What is reddit?

  5. Jordan Elijah Turner-Abdullah says

    I got the 300th like


    I wish I had teacher shoot me in the head then what they did to me.

  7. DJ Dog says

    In Pre-K my teacher would pull our ears every time we misbehaved.

  8. Exotic Fish725 says

    I love your videos keep up the good work, I LOVE WHEN ITS DANNY BURKE HES MY FAVOURITE

  9. Rindii says

    I'm early

  10. Naruskeful says

    I would like to see more of these

  11. H20 Ghost ninja says

    I’m a cambo

  12. Rindii says

    Also you should ask Rebecca to do more wizard of oz videos

  13. Jimmy JimJims says

    Many years ago in middle school I was sitting on the asphalt in PE with my hands in my lap when one of the coaches came over to me and loudly told me to stop playing with myself in front of everyone, I'm pretty sure it was racially motivated because he said some other semi-racist sh*t to me a few times after that

  14. Queen XiXi says

    My sixth period teacher doesn't clean her classroom.
    The smell is punishment enough

  15. Wow im going *flies* bye

  16. Laura Anderson says

    The only teacher story I heard was about my oldest brother and a teacher he had the woman wouldn't let him go to the bathroom and made him pee his pants

  17. Optimus Prime says

    In 1st grade my teacher told me to kill myself, I doubtfull anyone wants to hear about it but if you do pls reply or like, whatever works.

  18. Justin Y. says

    When you forget to bring a pencil ✏️

    And the teacher argues for 10mins saying that you should come prepared

  19. titts mcgee says

    Quit crying pussies and start lashing out tip desks over light trash cans on fire punch your teachers out do drugs in the bathroom. Its the only way yo get your point across

  20. 3568 viewer

  21. A.M.S.T GAMES says

    It Should be called worst teacher stories not scary

  22. Mango Pineapple says

    In first grade, I went to this really terrible school where the teacher hated me and I would get in trouble for nothing. I would always be getting sent to the principles office for doing nothing and getting threatened with a paddle by the vice principal. Halfway through the school year, my parents pulled me out of that school and I am so thankful for that. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.

  23. MostAmazingTop10 says

    Top 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

  24. jake dog gaming says

    Baldi basics is the best teacher

  25. Terrance Olive says

    I had a teacher that hated me from the first day and no matter what I did it wasn't good enough my Dad who was an artist drew a map for extra credit and when he got a D my parents realized I was telling the truth

  26. Alex Birsel says

    I'm so confused, i thought Danny was leaving.

  27. Sister Files says

    One time i yelled nobody likes Science so I guess it hurt my science teachers feelings cuse he yelled no one like Emma ohhhhhhhhh the I ran out cried and my sister got in his face and yelled at him still thank my sister for picking me up of the floor . and the best part was that we didn’t do science because my friends were making signs that said no one likes mr v we hung the signs everywhere I have pretty good friends and a sister and he was SHOOK

  28. Bellatrix Lestrange says

    Part 2 please!?

  29. Theordore Raz says

    Mr.Bowen called me a retarded for not know how to weld

  30. balckgoku the king says


  31. SweetDreams20 says

    In college I had to take 4 days off for recovery from surgery. I had a tumor removed which ended up to luckily be benign. They gave me 0's for those days even when I said I can make it up however. I offered to come with the other class to make it up or anything else and they didnt allow me to.

  32. amanda Curtis says

    Yes I have and I am in special needs kid and she hated me for something and I am 14!

  33. Gio and Jake bird Brain says

    Is my music teacher on this list?

  34. I am puppy says

    Fun fact, one time, THIS YEAR TOO, we were having practice exams all day, and when we were done we went to our class my first period Spanish class we were having a test. I'm in 8th grade and the 7th graders are at lunch. So when they're done it's our turn but my teacher only has first period at junior high, then she heads to the high school building for the rest of the day. And when we were going to leave she tried to keep the whole class in for lunch because she apparently gave up her lunch. She even called the front office for it, luckily they said no and we want to lunch. Happy ending!

  35. xxTheSniperxx says

    The dislikes are from these teachers

  36. rhoan taylor says

    Me and my friend were playing outside and the teacher on duty said go to the principals office for strangling my friends and my friend said i did not do that and i got suspended 3 days i hate my school

  37. leroy jenkins says


  38. Mississippi WolfBlood says

    Uploaded 17 minutes ago? Wheres the notification at?

  39. Xxlets play minecraftxX hh says

    For no A's she probably did that so that the students would try harder in class and get better results in the actual exams

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