Top 10 Scary ZOO Stories

Top 10 Scary ZOO Stories
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I think there’s something special about seeing a lion in real life or a tiger or penguins or any of these creatures you really only see on animal planet. Zoos can be fun, they can be cruel, they can be the source of many memes RIP Harambe. All in all the zoo is always a time and a half. Although no i 100% do not condone caging wild animals but i do accept sometimes they have a better chance of survival in captivity than they do outside. PSA finished. Sorry i couldn’t not say it. And just to preface this most of the animals on this list attacked because people were in places they shouldn’t have been and usually animals are y’know not aggressive most of the time unless provoked. So yeah. Lets get into this im excited about this one, this is the top 10 Scary Zoo Stories.

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